About Us

Meet Us:

My name is Clark Webster, I have been raising sheep ever since I was a young child with my father and family. My wife, Ruth, and I have had our farm for over 20+ years. This is where we get the "C" and "R" in C & R Farms.



Our Farm:

Our farm sits on 100+ acres in Southern Utah. Here at C & R Farms, we offer different lamb cuts and if we do not have a cut you want, you can request certain cuts. Our sheep are born and raised in Cedar City, Utah. We pasture our sheep on a few mountain ranges throughout Cedar City, Kanarra and a few valleys throughout Southern Utah. They are fed on over 30 different varieties of plants and grass. Thus giving the lambs the word “farm flavor” second to none. We offer “All Natural” Local Lamb, these lambs are bred for their meat not wool. Our lambs are processed by/in a USDA inspected facilities which carries the official stamp. All of our meat packaging does included the USDA Certified stamp. 

Our Farm is a Certified Food Establishment in the State of Utah. 

Certificate No: 12240002

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